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Are You In or In The Way? Take Control By Designing Your Life

Posted on October 10, 2020 in Design Your Life

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Do you want the truth about why you are so dissatisfied with your life? You’re bored.

Unfortunately, we know the cliche story of what happens in mid-life when you get stuck:

Being stuck + Middle-aged = A high probability for making poor choices

The negative choices made mid-life are all too often because life becomes too predictable and monotonous. Don’t let yourself continue to be bored. By ‘bored’ I don’t mean avoidance of restful or mindful time – I am talking about doing something positive to switch things up and get rid of the feeling of dissatisfaction, overwhelm, or numbness you’re feeling.

When you design a life you want instead of focusing on all of the parts of your life that you think need fixing, it is next to impossible for your life not to improve.

Designing your life does not mean you need fixing. It does not mean you are broken. It does not mean you are not enough.

Designing your life is simply about getting out of the past or if you prefer, it’s about getting your head out of your ass. It can start with something as simple as taking a fifteen-minute walk every day, cleaning out the garage, volunteering, apologizing to someone, playing cards once a week, or simply doing something new or changing up your routine a bit to wake up.

You are THE ONLY person in complete control of your life. So if it is crappy – you are THE ONLY person who can make it something different. #designyourlife

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