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Design Your Life – There’s No Telling Where Your Values Will Take You

Posted on August 13, 2020 in Design Your Life

Design Your Life – There’s No Telling Where Your  Values Will Take You

Perhaps right now you are contemplating a new career, or maybe you’re considering leaving your partner because nothing is fun anymore? Maybe you’re angry that you have to work five more years because you lost your pension in a divorce? Are you telling your friends that you simply can’t handle all of the stress you’re feeling lately? Has someone suggested that you should just take a vacation and get away from it all? Here’s the deal – you don’t need an escape from your reality – you need to grow up. This is your fault. Growing up means being crystal clear on your values. Without clarity of your values, you can’t have boundaries, and without boundaries, you’re sure to have a disaster of a life. If I look back at the times I complained about my children or my job, I wasn’t really upset because something (or someone) was challenging my values – I was angry and conflicted because I was allowing it.

We are defined by what we choose to find important in our lives. We are defined by what we prioritize. Any transformation in ourselves requires a change in our values. A ‘breakthrough’ in life rarely happens when things are good. It’s when we lose something that we value that we start to question the quality of our lives. Values that may have served you ten years ago might be a source agony now. Shifts in values can make lots of sense if your circumstances change.

I was raised to always respect my elders. However, after keeping quiet as a child when adults in positions of authority humiliated me or abused their authority, it didn’t feel right to pass this value to my children. So, my value shifted to always honouring self-respect first. While some values require an adjustment, there are certain values that I call, ‘Foundational Values’, that should never be compromised such as: trust, integrity, and honesty. Nothing good will ever come from not remaining true to these values. 

While aligning and redefining values can cause some upset, when you do find the courage to live out your values, amazing things happen. Shame is minimized, inner turmoil and feelings of anxiousness decrease, and life just feels right. It’s a relief to live your truth. 

I don’t promise my clients a life filled with positive bliss. Ups and downs will happen no matter what. But I do promise my clients that when they gain radical clarity on their values and develop a toolkit of strategies to support them. I can promise clients they won’t feel so angry, their tensions will ease, a feelings of optimism will emerge. Clients gain confidence in what they really want for themselves and they realize that false positivity felt very crappy compared to their new way of living.

I work with Executives who want to get real about their lives and who want to live their life on their own terms.

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When our values are not verbs, we are liars. If I tell people that I value integrity, but then I witness something I know is wrong and do nothing about it, I’m an actor. Intentions are not values. Our actions don’t lie. You can’t trust yourself if you don’t live your values.

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