What is Innovative Life Designs?


Unprecedented Times + Design Thinking = Effective Results

If I told you I was a Designer, would you hire me to help you define goals in your Strategic Plan?
If I told you I was a Designer, would you hire me to create alignment in your day-to-day actions at home? I’m guessing likely not. Most of us think of design as something associated with decor or art. But, a design-centred approach to life and business transforms (innovates) all aspects of life. Hence, my company name, Innovative Life Designs.

Why Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is human-focused.
Design teaches you how to make connections between things in your life that you wouldn’t normally. You actually make change by trying things out, not just thinking about things.
Design Thinking is safe even when you’re failing. Psychological safety is essential. The highly formatted tools of Design Thinking deliver security, helping you move more securely through the discovery of your own needs and/or customer needs.
Design Thinking creates alignment. It aligns values with lifestyle, emotions with goals, and it aligns needs with the right strategies/solutions.
Design Thinking is a team sport. There are very few important decisions that are made well when they are made alone.
Design Thinking provides a simple way to hone in on exactly what the problems are. It breaks down complex issues into tangible ones that can be analyzed and solved.

Is Design Thinking Right for Me/My Company?

Design Thinking is a great method and mindset when dealing with complex or unprecedented challenges. Typically, complex problems are strongly connected to human behaviour, emotions and habits. They are also connected to high speed of development and change in the world (new technologies, change in culture and behaviour, etc.). For example, Design Thinking is very effective for businesses who are experiencing challenges because of different views/values in their younger vs. older employees, or companies that are making large transitions in terms of structures or their mode of doing business.
On a personal level, Design Thinking is also very effective if you are open to making the changes and can accept that there is some exploration using evidence-based strategies required first before there are concrete answers
There is no one-size fits all approach at Innovative Life Designs. I provide a differentiated process for each individual/company because the strategies we choose address your specific needs.

Experience Real Results

One of the most satisfying things about thinking like a Designer is that the results are tangible. In terms of Design Thinking Coaching, I have simply taken the Design Thinking approach and applied it to Life Coaching and Executive Coaching. At Innovative Life Designs, Design Thinking is used to enhance the traditional approaches to coaching to make it a more experiential learning experience.

What is Design Coaching?



If you have an idea of something you want to change in your life, but aren’t quite sure how to go about doing it, I’ll begin with a comprehensive self-assessment that explores work, health, love, and play.

Create a Vision

Visualize Your Goals

Like any Designer, you have to create an idea of what your needs/goals/wishes look like visually. When you create a visual, something happens in your brain that increases your motivation to achieve your goals.

Get Creative

Learn how to have FUN

If your life has little time for creativity/play, chances are you will be less likely to achieve your goals. We’ll find some ways to be creative that are research-based strategies proven to help you move forward.

Try Solutions

Take the Strategies and Test them

Now that you have a toolbox of strategies to use to achieve your goals, you have to try them out. I will monitor progress with you, make adjustments as needed, and reflect on what is most effective.

Give Feedback

The Key

The ability to give and receive feedback is a highly underused skill that has a transformative impact in ALL AREAS OF LIFE. We’ll work on the skills needed to do this well, give and get feedback as related to your goals. This is also the stage where we celebrate your accomplishments!

It's time to begin designing the life you want

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